Saturday, April 20, 2013

Outfit Inspiration: Puck Connolly from The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

“Does anyone ask you why you stay, Sean Kendrick?"
"They do."
"And why do you?"
"The sky and the sand and the sea and Corr.” 

~Maggie Stiefvater, The Scorpio Races

In The Scorpio Races Puck Connolly, a feisty young girl, is fighting to the death for her future and her family. Her ultimate plan never included competing in the Scorpio Races, but it is her only option. The Scorpio Race is an event held on the first of November. This is no normal race, these horses, or capaill uisce, are deadly and emerge from the sea every fall. Puck is the first girl to ever compete in the race, while nineteen-year-old Sean Kendrick is the reigning champ. The story is told from both the point of view of Puck, as well as Sean. As much as the book is about the killer horses, the island, and the race itself, it is a tale about a heroine and a hero who both must win this deadly race to survive. Their lives intertwine into a beautifully written story. Puck’s strength in matters of the heart, the family, and the race lead her to some incredible feats. “Some race to win. Others race to survive.” If you’re looking for something thrilling, romantic, and powerful then I fully recommend The Scorpio Races. 

Corr - Sean's Capall uisce
Dove - Puck's pony
Kinnagoe Bay, Donegal, Ireland

Hair clip, Sweater, Jacket, Boots, Leggings, Ring
Puck is a rugged, tough, and spunky young girl who spends her time training and racing her pony, Dove, on the beaches of Thisby. She would need a wax cotton jacket to keep her dry on misty island days and boots ready for riding. This outfit would be comfortable enough to train in, but also practical for her island life.

Each year the town of Thisby bakes November cakes for the festival leading up to the Scorpio Races. Here is a recipe for this yummy treat.


  1. Fantastic blog today and thank you for including my ring as part of your Puck inspired outfit!!!

    1. You're welcome! Your ring fits Puck's personality and style perfectly!


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