Sunday, April 14, 2013

Beauty and the Beast

As a little girl I found it hard to walk the line between being a strong athletic girl and a fashion obsessed sweet girl. I played hockey with the boys and spent little time on makeup, clothes, and hair because I didn't know I could be both tough and pretty at the same time. I guess I just hadn't had the time to explore both realms. But after years of practice, I've merged the two into my own style. I've decided to call it "Beauty and the Beast" because we can all be both. I can be a beast on the pitch, but I'm a beauty once I step off. Here are two looks - one beauty and one beast.

Dress, Headband, Ring, Shoes, Bag, Nail Polish (Angelic)
I don't often wear dresses, but when I do I love to have it look as girly and sweet as possible. Dresses make you feel like a modern day princess! I like soft muted colors and this dress is a perfect periwinkle blue with ruffles to enhance the girly feel. I paired it with accessories that are simple and classic so they would not take away from the main piece, the dress. This dress looks floaty and fabulous for a beautiful day.

Top, Pants, Bag, Sports Bra, Yoga mat, Shoes
This beastly outfit would be perfect for a Pilates session, a hard training run, hurling practice, or even just a day when you want to look like you are going to kick butt. The bag fits a yoga mat, but could easily fit running shoes and whatever products you need for post-workout touch ups. Personally, I always need dry shampoo if I'm going to be running off to my next class!

Don't think that just because you're a kick butt girl it means you can't throw on a dress if you want to! Be you. You can be both the scary beast on the field and the sweet innocent girl off!

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