Friday, April 26, 2013

Outfit Idea Under $30

Being a college student, I'm definitely a girl on a budget. I thought it'd be fun to challenge myself to put together a complete outfit with shoes under $30 dollars. Summer is coming up and this outfit is something I'd wear out to a lunch with friends or any day I'm feeling a bit girly.
Earrings - Forever 21, Hair Bow - Etsy, Sandals - Old Navy, Dress - Forever 21
The total ended up being $33.53. Over by a tiny bit, but I felt the bow just really pulled the look together into something that wasn't just a dress and sandals. I think it really is a challenge to be on a budget, but with a little inspiration and some bargain hunting, you really can create fun, fashionable, trendy looks without spending much. A lot of times you may already have accessories and shoes to match new dresses or outfits so the only part you really spend money on is the new accent pieces like this polka dot dress with is only $14.80 at Forever 21! That is a steal because polka dots are very in for spring and this dress looks adorable!



  1. Great look!! Im sure it will be adorable on you :)

  2. Hey love, just wanted to let you know that your pinterest button is for some reason not working :( I would love to check out your pins.. im kinda a pinterest addict!

    1. Oh thank you so much for letting me know! I'd changed my username a few days ago and didn't realize it would change the link! It's all fixed now! I'm definitely a Pinterest addict too :)


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