Saturday, April 13, 2013

Favorite Healthy Snacks

I'm a fitness lover. I love Pilates (rant is here if you'd like to read it), running, hockey, hurling, and yoga. Anything that gets me moving and sweating; I'll love it! Here are just a few of the healthy snacks I like to power up with after a good hard workout. Brain workouts count too because these are also snacks I eat when I've worked up a mental sweat writing papers or doing research.

1. Kind Fruit and Nut Bars - These are delicious if you're an almond lover like me! They have other flavors, but these two are my favorites. They're also gluten free and made with all natural whole nuts, fruits, and ingredients you can see and pronounce.

2. Celery and Almond Butter - This is a recent favorite of mine. I know I need to eat more veggies, so I always try to have celery on hand because it's one of my favorites. Pair it with almond butter and you've got a perfect snack full of protein.

3. Fruit Strips - I know there are recipes all over Pinterest showing how to make your own fruit strips, but sometimes I just want to grab a box and go. These taste like fruit snacks, but they're not full of high fructose corn syrup and other weird preservatives!

4. Sunflower seeds - When I'm in the mood for something crunchy or salty I love to reach for sunflower seeds because they satisfy my craving and I'm not reaching for a bag of chips or another unhealthy alternative.

5. Luna Protein Bars in Cookie Dough - These actually taste like cookie dough. And I know this might not be classified as a "healthy snack," but I had to throw it in here because it does have a lot of protein packed in it. I ate a lot of these bars following my long training runs preparing for the marathon.

6. Champagne Mangoes - And here's the winner! My all time favorite healthy snack award goes to the Champagne mango because of it's sweet and juicy flavor. I don't know exactly why I like Champagne mangoes better than conventional mangoes, but if you haven't tried them then you definitely need to! 

What are your favorite post-workout healthy snacks?

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