Friday, March 22, 2013

Outfits of the Week (March 18-22)

So it's the week before my spring break and there's still snow on the ground...disappointing, right? So these "spring" outfits aren't so springy. I'm still getting some good wear out of my winter-style sweaters before they (hopefully!) go into storage for quite a while.

Mondays are a pretty relaxed day for me with only two classes so I like to look comfortable, yet stylish. I decided to wear my heart ombre chambray shirt from Target that I purchased back in January. I love the casual feel of the shirt, but it can be dressed up or down. Underneath is my newest favorite shirt from Forever 21. I don't think you can read it but it says, "Have tea with me." So beyond cute, plus in addition to being a product hoarder, I'm also tea hoarder. For bottoms I went with black leggings from Garage. I think these leggings are very good quality for the inexpensive $12 dollar price tag. Usually, for good quality leggings you have to pay a lot more. I have been impressed with these and they aren't sheer! Big plus!

Tuesdays start out really busy with an 8AM class and Pilates directly following, so I usually head to class with a messy bun and yoga pants. After class and a short run, I head back to my apartment to get cleaned up and eat lunch before my next class. As you can see, Tuesdays leave little room for getting ready and dawdling in my closet so I usually throw on whatever I can as quickly as possible. It's nice to feel put together, but Tuesdays aren't my most stylish days. My roommate and I both hate busy Tuesdays and are always happy to be back to relax at the end of the day to paint our nails together. For early morning Pilates, I grabbed my Adidas running pants and an Asics running top. For my second outfit of the day, I chose a v-neck sweater from Pac-Sun paired with an Urban Outfitters scarf that matched my lip color for the day, which happened to be Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Rendez-Vous. For bottoms I just threw on an old pair of trusty skinny jeans from Garage.

Wednesdays I only have one class so I try to look great for a midweek pick me up. I have a lot of time in the morning to decide what to wear so it's usually my day to dress up. I decided to wear a cardigan from Hollister and a v-neck t shirt with grey lace overlay. I cut off the tags so I can't remember where this is from. Definitely bought it at least a year and a half ago. For pants I'm wearing trusty jeggings from Garage. Have I mentioned I love Garage pants? They're really comfortable and have a style to fit all body shapes! I also went super fancy and curled my hair today. Proud of myself actually doing my hair!

Thursdays are the exact same schedule as Tuesday so I rushed to throw this outfit together on my way to class. For Pilates I wore my big comfortable Milwaukee Hurling Club sweatshirt and Under Armor running tights. It was my last day of Pilates for the semester sadly, but it was a great class! After Pilates I was feeling lazy so I chose a plain grey v-neck from Under Armor and loose-fitting cropped pants from H&M.

AND IT IS FRIDAY! I get to go home today! I have to take a five hour bus ride home so today is a comfy day, not the cutest outfit ever, but who can be comfortable for five hours on a bus in tight jeans and a cute top. Not me! Here's my travel day outfit! It's a Victoria's Secret half-zip hoodie and leggings from Target. Just a comfortable look so I can enjoy a marathon of Ugly Betty on Netflix!

Can't wait to go home for a fabulous and relaxing week of spring break. Hopefully when I return to school the snow will be all gone and brighter, warmer, sunnier days are ahead!

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