Monday, March 25, 2013

A New Concealer That Stole My Heart

Until recently, I've been in a long term relationship with Netrogena Skin Clearing Blemish Concealer. The number 05 Fair is my perfect match and I think I repurchased this product about 800 times. I've previously mentioned that I don't particularly like foundation so this product took the place of foundation and was my lifesaver, especially in times of breakouts (which have recently been sparse!). I love the liquid consistency and the build-able coverage. If you have a minor red spot or a giant massive volcano, this concealer was my go-to holy grail product. Now that I've raved about this product I'll explain why I had to venture out to new concealer territories!
This amazing perfect spectacular concealer has some downsides. First of all, there is not much product in the tube. If I'm using this product to cover all of my imperfections then I need more than a smidge. Obviously this is a concealer so some people don't use it the way I do, but if you're a no foundation girl like me, it's a problem. Second, it is a whopping $8.99 for a tiny tube of concealer that only lasts me about a month. When you're an on-the-go college student with no car, you need a concealer that will last a bit longer and not run out on you in times of emergencies. I speak from experience, don't run out of concealer. That's my motto.

Here's where my new love comes in. I've heard a lot of talk about the L'Oreal True Match blendable concealer crayon and am always skeptical when it comes to products that aren't liquid. (Aside from Benefit Boiing Concealer which is much too pricey for me when it comes to everyday use. But if you want to spend a bit more I highly recommend it.)
I always assume a crayon will not be blendable enough to suit my skin or cover blemishes to my liking. Alas, I was completely wrong. I have been awakened to a new love affair with concealer.

This crayon is almost more blendable than my beloved Netrogena concealer and has a tacky characteristic that makes it easier to cover spots. I am in the shade N1-2-3 Fair/Light which is the more pink toned shade of the fair options. I appreciate the options for different undertones because I always end up choosing whatever concealer is lightest because I am so fair skinned and sometimes that means the shade has a more yellow undertone which shows up and does not blend into my skin. This line has different undertone options and there will be a shade to match you!

I am in love.

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