Thursday, March 21, 2013

Essentials for a Spring Break at Home

There are some absolute necessities when packing for spring break at the beach, but what do you do when you're heading home for a stay-cation? Look no further! I'm here to save your day with my top five must-haves!

Coming in at number five:
Spring colored nail polish! Pastels, pinks, lavenders, whatever suits you best! My favorite at the moment is Trout Pout by Butter London shown in my previous post about spring. Obviously, my favorites are pinks..I don't even have any other pastel colors..

Coming in at number four:
Bright and beachy perfume! My recommendation is the Pink Sun Kissed Body Mist from Victoria's Secret. It smells like a day at the beach finished off with a Pina Colada smoothie.

Coming in at number three:
Girly movies for a fun movie night! There's nothing better than hanging out with your girl friends watching movies, eating popcorn, and catching up on the latest gossip. I'm looking forward to seeing my best friends while I'm home from college. I just bought Breaking Dawn Part II and will be fan girling it up with my friends. You can never go wrong with a movie night!

Coming in at number two:
DIY face masks! There are so many YouTube videos showing all-natural face masks using products from your kitchen! And if you're not into smearing raw honey and oats on your face then you could purchase any face mask you'd like! Remember, it's your spring break so pamper yourself!

Drumroll please...

My number one must-have for a stay-cation is self-tanner. I'm not ashamed to not be going anywhere fancy on spring break, but that doesn't mean I have to look like I sat in the snow all week! I have been using the Jergens Natural Glow self tanner and they've recently reformulated so the smell is now more pleasant than before. I've also used Tan Towels before and completely love them. They're a bit more expensive, but they give a great even color and last an entire week without having to reapply.

I hope you all have fantastic spring breaks!

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