Friday, May 3, 2013

Rainy Day Outfit

So, as we all know, spring is a rainy month. And while there has been more snow than rain here, I thought it'd be fun to throw together an outfit for a rainy day where you don't feel like staying indoors. Sometimes even 20 year olds need to splash in the puddles and dance in the rain.
Head Band- Forever 21, Jacket- Gap, Tank- Victoria's Secret, Rain Boots- Target, Leggings- Tilly's, Umbrella- Amazon
With this adorable rainy day ensemble you'd be able to splash through the puddles and look bright like the flowers that are blooming this spring! The Target rain boots are almost exactly like the very cute, but very expensive, Hunter rain boots that everyone loves. The flower umbrella reminds you that the April (or spring) showers bring May flowers. You can keep your hair out of your face with a bright head wrap that complements the look by adding the brightness to your face. Once the rain stops you'd be able to slough off the coat and be ready to take on the sunshine in a cute low back tank. Pair it with a fun bandeau to really make the look pop. 
Don't be afraid to dance in the rain, even if you're 20.

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