Thursday, May 9, 2013

Outfit Inspired by Just One by Blind Pilot

Born in with a reason,
blown out like a ghost.
We came with our best lines,
told them like jokes.
If I could have known then
we were dying to get gone...

This beautifully simple song could have many different meanings, but I interpret "Just One" as a love song. I'm a hopeless romantic so I'll try to pull a love story out of almost anything, but I'm fairly certain that it is about a love that may not have worked out. I believe this song alludes to the fact that we only get one destiny, one true love, one life. This outfit, just like the song, is simple, beautiful, and full of details that encourage you to live your life because we only get "just one."
Bag-Forever 21, Nail Polish-Amazon, Romper-Target, Necklace-Bauble Bar, Bracelet-Brandy Melville, Shoes-DSW
I put together an outfit that is simple in nature, but highlighted with accessories that help you embrace the essence of your one life, one love, and one destiny. The bold coral accessories along with the gold accents brighten up this dark ensemble. They remind you that even in the dark there are point of light and reason. You must see past the dark and fully enjoy every moment you have. Also, thisbag is a Forever 21 dupe of the Chanel quilted bags! What a great find!

You can listen to "Just One" here

From Grandma With Love


  1. cute post! I love love love that outfit and I love how you matched it to a song, that is clever :) i'm following you via GFC from the weekend social mix blog hop!

    Olive & Ivy

    1. Thank you so much! I checked out your blog and I love it! Great work! I followed you back :)


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