Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Outfit Inspired by Evergreen Love by Misty Miller

I said this, this is great
And I hope that we can make
It last like evergreen love should

I feel Evergreen Love is a perfect song to represent summer romances. It's hopeful for the future and Misty's innocent lyrics allow the listener to feel light and happy. There are no hidden meanings, nothing that the listener must think about-- just pure, happy, lasting love.
Earrings-Etsy, Bag-ASOS, Nail Polish-Ulta, Dress-Forever 21, Necklace-Brandy Melville, Shoes-TOMS
This simple love song is pure and beautiful. How perfect for a beautiful spring or summer day? Summer love is uncomplicated, hopeful, and fun, just like this outfit. The on-trend high-low dress is floaty and romantic, the TOMS shoes are comfortable and classic, and the bag adds a bit of character as a feature piece.

You can listen to Evergreen Love by Misty Miller here.

If you have a favorite song you'd like me to pull outfit inspiration from I'd love to take suggestions!


  1. I love how dainty and girly the bag is!


    1. It really is! So perfect to match with the girly song :)


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