Sunday, September 15, 2013

Favorite Workouts and Workout Outfits

As a former college hockey player and a competitive hurler I've always been a fan of getting my workouts in while practicing for a sport. It's easy to motivate myself when I've got a team to play for and teammates who are counting on me to do my part like I'm counting on them. Team sports create a dynamic unlike anything else and you really begin to trust your teammates when you practice and work hard together. Unfortunately, I'm no longer a college hockey player and the hurling season has ended, so I've had to redesign my workout plan for fall. It comes with the seasonal change and I think it's good to create muscle confusion by doing different workouts. I've started to focus on flexibility because it is important for the health of your muscles and endurance. I can't wait to see how this program goes.

I've alway been a fan of yoga and the P90 Yoga X is a great 90 minutes of hardcore stretching and strength training. Tony is a motivating instructor and pushes you to move through the more advanced poses. I'd love to take yoga in a studio, but as a student I just don't have the funds for that right now. There are fitness classes I can take at my university's recreation facilities, but some of the times don't work out with my class schedule. 

I've mentioned Blogilates multiple times before, and I never get tired of working out with Cassey! The workouts are interesting and she plays popular top 40s hits to keep you motivated. She is also a certified Pilates instructor and I aspire to be like her someday. I'm hoping to start my Pilates instructor training soon so I'll be taking notes on her workouts! She's inspirational, upbeat, bubbly, and full of encouraging words as she kicks your butt during the workout. The 1000s workout is super challenging and you feel extremely accomplished when you've finished.

I couldn't cover a workout post without discussing running. I've been a runner for a long time now. I'll have on and off days, but I'll always consider myself a runner. I took a break for a few weeks this summer to help heal my feet, but I'm looking forward to getting back on a running schedule to train for my next half-marathon! Above are some of my favorite songs to listen to while running. I know a lot of people like a full playlist of pump-up songs, but I like to mix in a bit of a chill vibe because then my brain calms down and I stay in the zone.

Yoga/Pilates Fall Workout Outfit
Sports Bra -Target , Top- Target, Pants- Target, Yoga mat- Blogilates
Although it is now fall, I still love the pop of pink in this outfit. The yoga shorts I would have worn during the summer have been swapped out for yoga pants and the tank top has been exchanged for a long sleeve. This is still flowy enough outfit that it will keep you cool even in a warm studio class.

Fall Running Gear
Top- Sports Authority, Shoes- Kohl's, Water Bottle- Blogilates, Shorts- Sports Authority
This would be a perfect ensemble for a crisp fall day. I don't like to wear running tights until it's absolutely necessary so I'll be sporting shorts until November! I like wearing bright colors when I run (like those highlighter neon yellow shorts!) because it keeps me visible to cars in the fall dusk days when it can be harder to see runners on the road. 

What workouts have you incorporated into your routine lately? 
What have your workout fashion trends been like?

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