Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm Review

I've seen a few of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube pick these up in recent hauls, but I really haven't really heard much about these new lip products review wise. Curiosity got the worst of me and I grabbed one on a Target run. 
In the shades Cantaloupe and Nudetrients
I'm so happy I did because it has become a staple in my everyday makeup bag. And this is coming from a girl who never wears lip gloss. This does have the consistency of lip gloss, but it doesn't seem as sticky to me. They smell like cotton candy and taste delicious.
Here is my pathetic attempt to show a swatch of the colors. I know this photo doesn't do them any justice, but trust me on this one, they're great and I love them.

Color: The color payoff on these isn't great, but it does give a pretty shimmer to the lips. I haven't tried any of the darker shades because I'm afraid they'll look too dramatic on me, so perhaps the color payoff on those could be better. I didn't choose these for the color, I just liked the idea of a liquid lip balm with a bit of shimmer.
Scent: Delicious. Like cotton candy. Buy it if only for this one reason. You won't be disappointed. 
Consistency: Like any normal lip balm. Definitely not sticky like most lip gloss. It's comfortable on the lips and does not feel like I'm wearing anything but a bit of balm. It's super moisturizing so that will be a definite plus as we head into fall/winter time.
Wear time: This isn't a long wear product, nor is it advertised as one. I apply this in the morning, after meals, and any other time I feel like touching up. I think without touch ups this would only last about an hour or two.

Overall I love this product and will most likely be purchasing more of them in the future.


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    1. I'd definitely try it out! It's even prettier in person and on the lips!


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