Friday, September 6, 2013

August Favorites 2013

August flew by in a rush of hurling, packing, and finishing my summer bucket list. Although I didn't get to check every item off the list I had the best summer with all of my favorite people. It's too bad I'm back at school now, but that means more time for blogging which I really have been ignoring too much these past few months. 

I didn't wear a ton of makeup in August, and I didn't try many new things I loved, so this month is pretty minimalistic. I just couldn't let these products miss their moment in the spotlight because I didn't have enough makeup!

Unfortunately, this month my beautiful West Elm cosmetic bag started to deteriorate from over-love. I used it for probably three years now and it was just getting too old to pack full of stuff every day. I decided to come up with a new storage system for my makeup which I'll share in a post very soon. For my everyday essentials I have been using this Vera Bradley cosmetic pouch. It's in a super fun print, although I don't know the name. I love it and it is the perfect size for my everyday makeup so I'm not lugging around fifty pounds of unused makeup whenever I need to go places.

I saw this Jonathan Adler White Whale Pencil Sharpener while wandering about Barnes and Noble and couldn't leave him there in the store. I've had an ongoing whale joke with Connor for years now and it's become sort of our little thing. We always send pictures if we see whale knick knacks or clothing. He even got me a card that said, "I whaley love you." How cute is that? So, that's where the whale obsession comes from. I don't even use pencils that I'd need to sharpen, but it's an adorable desk ornament and it makes me smile whenever I look at him. I just need to think of a name now.

Near the beginning of summer I purchased the Rio Glow Candle from Bath and Body Works and didn't burn it until August! I love the beachy scent. Since I'm horrid at describing scents I'll quote the bottom of the candle, "A tantalizing blend of mango, papaya, and guava as vibrant as Rio's Carnival! Samba till sunrise!" I love this and the candle will help me to handle the end of summer as the weather starts to cool down up here in Minnesota. I'd rather not rush to buy fall candles because it only makes the fleeting summer that much more depressing.

I received Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer in an Ipsy box awhile back and never really used it, but recently my hair has been kind of frizzy after blow drying (my ends need a trim). So this sealer helps to calm the frizz and smooths my hair back to normal. It's got a nice subtle scent and works wonders.

Another hair product I've been loving is the Umberto Blow Dry Lotion. I've also had this for a really long time, but was never sure if it did the job. I picked it up this month and don't know why I ever thought that. This product speeds up drying time, calms frizz, and gives sleek shine without weighing down my not-so-thick-and-voluminous hair. I highly recommend this product and would probably call it my super star of the month.

I had a coupon from Victoria's Secret to get a full size body spray for free so I obviously couldn't pass up that opportunity! I swiped up the Mango Temptation scent with the help of Connor, who just so happens to also love mango. He's not so helpful with much beauty stuff, but he does have a nose and an opinion to go with it. I love this scent and it's just a big bonus I got it for free!

What have you been loving?

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