Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Favorites 2013

So another month of summer has passed us by and it's time for my monthly favorites! I absolutely love reading favorites posts so I hope some of you enjoy reading them. It's always nice to know about new products out there, or old products that have become new favorites. Without further ado, my June 2013 favorites:
Blue Diamond Almonds - Blueberry (or Cinnamon!) - These are seriously scrumptious. I discovered them on an endcap at Target while roaming the food aisles and don't know why they're not featured in a stand all on their own. They're sweet and crunchy with the best blueberry taste which comes from real blueberry juice, not just some chemical flavoring. The cinnamon flavor is also amazing. I'm sure if you were to toast them in the oven for just a moment your whole house would smell like a summer festival where they sell the cinnamon nuts. YUM.

Essie's Sunday Funday - This nail polish was recently featured in my Cara Box Exchange post because my lovely new blog friend Samantha sent it to me. It's the perfect summer shade and I've already repainted my nails with this color about 8 times.

One Love Organics Morning Glory Serum - Although the scent of this is somewhat herbal and earthy smelling, the results I've experienced are quite impressive. It's a brightening serum/toner and I love how I feel refreshed after applying it. I don't have the full size because I bought a sample pack of the entire skincare regimen and will probably end up buying it once I finish the sample.

Nike SB Stefan Janoski Shoes - I purchased these in June because I work retail and have long hours of standing and walking to put clothes away. So I must say thank you to the kind girl at Zumiez who helped me find the right shoe with her smart suggestions. Retail girls have to stick together. But seriously, these are probably the most comfortable shoes I own aside from my Birkenstocks which I can't wear to work.

L'Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner - Smoothest, creamiest, longest lasting eyeliner ever. 'Nuff said.

Batiste Cool and Crisp Fresh Dry Shampoo - One question. Why did I not discover dry shampoo years ago? This would have made high school a breeze! Anyway, I've heard YouTube beauty gurus and beauty bloggers all over the world rave about Batiste dry shampoos so I jumped on the band wagon to see what it was all about. I'm in love. A lot of dry shampoos have a weird aerosol can scent that isn't what I want my hair to smell like, but Batiste dry shampoos have fun scents and the product itself does the job well.

What were your June favorites?

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