Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Playlist 2014

Is it just me or does spring always put you in the mood to find new music? I've been using the Songza app recently to find new inspiration. Songza is like Pandora and Spotify, but way cooler! You can choose an activity or a mood or a genre and then find a playlist that fits your needs from those lists. The playlists range anywhere from "Vintage Cocktail Party" to "Cardio Hip Hop" and everywhere in between. It's nice to have another music playing app that lets me discover new music without choosing one artist or song from which they create a station like on Pandora.

I'm all about chill music so if that's what you like then these songs will be right up your alley.

Lemonade (Ukulele Version) - Jeremy Passion

This song is good for when I'm in a relaxing mood..which is all the time!

19 You + Me - Dan + Shay

As the lyrics describe summer scenes, it has me yearning for summer days at the beach. I have a feeling this will be my summer anthem. I'm not usually a country girl, but this song is fun and upbeat.

Falling in Love - Us the Duo

Not only is this song about falling in love and being with the person you can't live without, but their video was filmed in PARIS. Gah! I just can't get enough. I first heard this song a few days after I returned from Paris and felt nostalgic even after just that short time. I love the song, and the video. Us the Duo has easily become one of my favorite singer/songwriter groups. They have a great YouTube channel and you may have seen them on Vine!

Till I Fall Asleep - Jayme Dee

This is a nice slow song, kind of sad, but I still love it. I like to listen to this as a lullaby before I drift off to sleep like I'm a part of the song. (I know I'm lame haha)

Best Day of My Life - American Authors

This is definitely my top song of the moment. It's one of my Songza discoveries and it's just so upbeat and puts me in a great mood. It's motivational to workout to, as well. Keep this song ready to go when you need a boost to get up and raring to go in the morning.

Round and Round - Imagine Dragons

I hopped on the Imagine Dragons bandwagon kind of late, but better late than never, right? So many of their songs are great songs for spring and summer, but I love Round and Round and could listen to it on repeat for days.

What songs have you been loving? Any spring or summer recommendations as I build my playlist?

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