Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide for College Girls: $25 dollars or less

Beautifully natural cheek color with all day staying power. This product is natural and comes in 6 shades. Perfect for any beauty lover out there.

I'm in love with Daisy by Marc Jacobs. It's a fresh scent and isn't overpowering for daily wear. It's quite subtle so many different girls could enjoy wearing it. Not as floral as you might think!

Paltrow has a clean and healthy diet laid out in her cook book. So many deliciously clean foods that will leave anyone feeling energized for the new year.

Hilarious movie for any girl in her 20s. I loved it, but the idea here is that movies are great gifts. Doesn't have to be this one in particular.

This one is for the athletic girl in your life. She can be feminine, but still tough. Doesn't matter if she wears mascara while she plays, she still kicks butt!

If you know anyone as in love with Pilates as I am, then she needs this. It provides the resistance necessary for a killer workout.

What girl doesn't love a delightfully summery candle. Perhaps not an appropriate scent for a holiday gift guide, but it's a heavenly scent, regardless.

Get her a shirt with a quote from her favorite movie! This one happens to be from mine (You've Got Mail!). 

I am not alone in my obsession with coffee and tea. If she's in college, she needs this more than you know. Who doesn't need that afternoon pick me up to pound through homework and study for those exams?


  1. That candle should smell divine. I hope you get everything off your list.

    1. Thanks! I do already own some of these products and hope that if anyone out there is having trouble coming up with gift ideas they find that some of these may help if they happen to come across my blog! :) Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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